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Mortgage principal reduction- BofA announces home loan principal reduction program

2.If your default in your mortgage payment, you are at risk of foreclosure like.  Now, most people experiences financial challenges due to one reason or another. If you experience challenges paying off the mortgage, then you are eligible for the Bank of America home loan principal reduction program.

This is the program that has been designed to help you in reducing the home loan.  Through the program you will be allowed to reduce your outstanding home mortgage loan balance. This means that the bank will regard apart of your principal balance to be interest free.

Note that this program is open to homeowners who have not defaulted on the payments for the last five years.  Yes, this means that you need to meet the different requirements of the bank for you to be able to qualify for the modification process.

The bank once it establishes you are eligible they will provide you with different solutions that you can are choosing from. When it comes to the interest rates, the bank can lower the rates to about 2% of the principal loan. You can also get an extension on the repayment period to about 40 years.

To be eligible for the loan, you need to be in a place of hardship. That you when you are making the application. You will need to provide a letter of hardship.  In addition to that, you will have to provide documents like utility bills, pay slips and the Insurance policies. These are the documents shall support your request.  You need to ensure that the letter is specific to the need for you to get a positive answer.

You need to be careful of the lending institution that you choose. Not all the leading institutions will offer you a transparent loan modification. If you are not cautious, you will end up paying more than you bargained for. You should therefore ensure that you read the fine print of the agreement before you agree to any of the loan modification.


Defaulting on your loan payment can affect your financial records. You therefore need to ensure that you have accessed the principal reduction program to reduce the risks involved.

All about mortgage principal reduction

1.Mortgage principal reduction is given to people who are unable to pay their mortgage principal. For you to understand the process, you need to know want principal reduction is. Principal reduction is a decrease in the initial amount of a Mortgage loan for the purposes of reducing the balance of the properties that are affected by the negative equity. Okay, negative equity usually results when you purchase a house using the mortgage and then the economy is affected a different the home prices begin to drop.  Once you are the purchase the home value will decrease below the amount of the mortgage loan. This is what the mortgage reduction seeks to protect you from.

When you take a loan, you will pay the same payment each month. So if you pay off your principal amount, your interest shall obviously reduce. One of the best ways to reduce your loan is through amortization where you reduce the amount to zero.

Keep in mind that banks are not obliged to keep up with the reduction.  For you to quality for the process, you must be having financial hardships. You should also provide documents that can show that you are experiencing challenges including the letter of hardship.

In addition to the letter, you will be required to provide documents like the utility bills, credit card statement, bank statements and the insurance policy.

Types of modification

When you are applying for the mortgage modification, you will be required to choose the type of modification that you need.  The bank shall offer you different types like;

  • Monthly income reduction; the bank shall calculate your loan monthly payment in regards to your income. You can pay up to 30% every month.
  • Interest reduction; the bank can choose to reduce your loan interest rate to about 2%. This shall enable you to pay the monthly payments with ease.
  • The loan extension time; the bank can also choose to extend your loan repayment period to about 40 years. This shall significantly reduce the monthly payments that you are going to pay.


Are frustrated with your mortgage loan? Don’t fret. There are different solutions that you can choose to help you out of your dilemma. The Mortgage principal reduction is what you are looking for.


Is it easy to get home loan assistance through principal reduction program?

13This will depend on the kind of situation that you find yourself in. You see, there are different principal reduction programs that you can choose from. Each and every program has different requirements that you must adhere to. So whether or not it is easy to get home loan assistance will depend on the program that you choose.

The different solutions have been designed to offer financial support to help people who are affected by a negative equity on their mortgage.  If you want to retain your home and sell it later with a benefit then the principal reduction will help you in this situation.

The government has taken the necessary steps to help and ensure that the homeowners are not affected by the negative equity. If you decide to get the principal reduction programs you need to take time to search for the different programs the Internet is one of the best places to begin your start. It is quite important for you to pay attention to our specific needs when you are searching for the best option for you.

Keep in mind that qualifying die the loan reduction program is not easy task.  You will have to show that you are experiencing financial hardships.  You need to provide the required documents that will be used to determine your eligibility.

For you to succeed in getting the assistance that you want, you need to;

  • Inform the loan reduction program professionals of your need. You will have to make a formal application
  • Provide the necessary documents like to credit card statements, utility bill, bank statements etc.
  • Provide a formal letter for your application. You need to show that you need the loan assistance.

The loan modification programs will help you maintain your home value. Note that the financial institution has different procedure and most of the time they will lower your home loan payment cost instead of providing you with principal leniency.

Regardless of the home modification program that you choose, you need to conduct your own research to know the different risks and rewards of the programs.


Don’t get frustrated when you have a home loan. This is because there are different principal reductions programs that you can choose to get the assistance that you need.

The five types of mortgage modification

12.Mortgage modification is the process of reducing the principal loan for the people who are going through financial hardships and cannot be able to pay the loan.  This is a program that is approved by the state for the purposes of reducing the huge number of people who are defaulting.

You need to note that the mortgage reduction is not given to each and every person.  There are requirements that you need to fill before you can be given the loan modification.

There are five types of mortgage modification and you need to know about them if you are going to succeed in choosing the perfect option.

  • Interest reduction

One of the ways that the bank can reduce your loan is the interest rate can be reduced to about 2% of the principal  loan given. If the loan interest has been modified, it will be easy for you to pay the monthly payments.

  • Lowering the principal payments

The bank can lower the initial principal  of the loan that you initially agreed to.  The lender shall lower the monthly principal s that you can pay which shall eventually make it easy for you to ready the loan.

  • Increased on the loan repayment time

When you contact the lender for a modification, you can choose to have your repayment time increased.  The lender will extend the time in which you can pay the loan.  The extension will significantly reduce the monthly payments that you will be paying.

  • The monthly income consideration

When you choose this option, the bank shall the review your loan in regards to your income.  You will then be required to pay at least 30% of your loan based on your income capacity.

  • Forbearance

This is a different type of modification that the lender will give you.  The bank shall suspend the payment of the loan for a short time as you go through the financial hardships.  Once the hardship period is over, you will resume the full payment of the mortgage.  The repayment can be done by paying the full amount or by settling the amount in installment.


Mortgage modification is the best option for you if you are experiencing financial challenges. You need to gain the required information if you are going to succeed in getting the assistance.

Modify your mortgage- 3 tips to get approval on your mortgage modification

11Applying for a loan is one thing and paying for it is another. At times, you may experience trouble when it comes to paying the monthly payments. Remember, if you keep defaulting on your monthly payments you may be at risk of foreclosure. To prevent this, you can request for a mortgage loan modification.

This is the process that will help you pay less of the mortgage interest rate.  Keep in mind that the program is not for everyone.  You need to prove that you are experiencing financial hardships that are preventing you from paying your monthly payments.


  • Communicate early in advance

If you are going through financial hardships then you need to inform your bank or lending institution ahead of time.  Informing them in time will help them draft the terms of the modification.

  • You need to have required documents

It is important for your application for you to provide the required documents. You will have to provide documents like utility bills, credit card statement,  bank statements and insurance policy. These are the documents that will be used to determine the type of modification that will be applied.

  • Know how to write the hardship letter

One thing that you will enjoy required to do is have an a hardship letter. You therefore need to provide specifics of the reason for the request. This is the letter that shall help you in your application. It is important for you to include the specific details of your financial challenges.  You need to provide the reason for your hardship. The documents that you provide will support your letter.

There are different options that you can choose to use. You may opt to have your principal revised and your interest rate reduced or have your loan repayment time extended.

Keep in mind that not all the applications are accepted and so you need to be prepared for anything.


Loan mortgage modification can be a challenging process. But with the proper guidance, you will be able to get the help that you need.

The Assistance a Mortgage Modification Attorney Can Provide

10.A mortgage loan is a loan wherein the borrower has to pay a specific amount of loan with an interest on this home by keeping a part of his house as security. So your house is actually your loan security. There are many mortgage and loan modification lawyers who are approached by people who are having troubles getting their monthly mortgage payments cleared.

Understanding what mortgage modification is.

The simple concept behind this is loan adjustment. The terms and conditions of your current mortgage loan are altered and changed to suit your financial worries. This can mean a reduced interest rate, or a change in the principal amount, or a longer repayment period, or reducing your monthly mortgage payment by half. All of these are aimed at releasing the burden on the borrower and helping him deal with his financial crises in a better manner.

Lawyer’s purview of the mortgage modification program.

A couple of years ago, president Barack Obama came up with the Federal Home Affordable Loan Modification Program, whose goal was to financially assist the millions of home owners who were having a difficult time clearing their loans and were facing foreclosures when recession was at its peak. From the horse’s mouth, this is what mortgage adjustment of this new program means from the lawyer’s perspective.

  • Low amount of the penalties in terms of fees.
  • A lower mortgage interest rate which can go to as low as 2%
  • Reduction in the principal amount.
  • Extension of the repayment period.
  • A combination of a few or all of the above mortgage adjustment strategies.

Mortgage lenders have also found it in their best interest to provide this kind of mortgage adjustment program to their borrowers. This has come from the enlightenment that a timely payment of a mortgage adjusted loan is much better than the proceeds made from the sales of a foreclosed home.

So anyone who has been having the monster of foreclosure lurking above their heads, or who have been facing financial difficulties for their loans can approach attorneys. These attorneys can help you get through your loan modification program by providing their expert guidance.

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Need a Mortgage Modification? What the Banks Won’t Tell You

9.If you are having financial difficulties in paying the loan on your property, then you are not alone in this. There are many who are faced with this situation and even fear to have an early foreclosure. However, there is always a way to make things happen and so there is also a way to stop these foreclosures.

If you are in one of those situations where it is do or die a foreclosure, then mortgage or loan modification is the best solution for you.

Knowing what mortgage modification is.

Getting to know all the beneficial aspects of loan modification is necessary if you are ready to take the leap. If you are falling behind or short on your loan be it 6 months, or a year no matter what, you can avail loan modification. When you are ready to take a mortgage modification then your bank will note down the new terms and conditions and modify your mortgage. These terms and conditions can be lowering of your interest rate to as low as 2%, reduction in the principal amount, a 40 year mortgage repayment period, or lowering of your current mortgage monthly payments by half.

So, by far, this seems to be the best option for saving your home. You can avail his loan modification through the Home Affordable Mortgage Program or through your own bank which is often called as in house modification.

How banks deal with loan modification?

While approaching the banks, it is a different scenario. Consider the amount you owe to the bank and the figure that you owe to the bank by amortizing it over 30 years, using today’s interest rate, to this add the escrows. However, this is not your new payment; it is just your qualifying payment, which is to see if you qualify for the loan modification process.  Banks can at the most allow only 31% of your income going towards mortgage. So you can consider your qualifying payment and then divide it be 31. This will tell you the amount of money you should be earning each month to qualify for loan modification.

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Mortgage Modification Benefits and Disadvantages

8.If you have been facing hard times clearing your mortgage dues? If you have been having a lot of defaulted payments for your mortgage recently? If you have been piling up such financial troubles for the past few months, then mortgage modification is just the right solution for you.

Mortgage modification is generally applied to the loan that is taken on any kind of property. However, this property should be owned and resided by you. The loan you have taken on your property allows you to be a debtor to your creditor till your loan has been cleared with the pre-decided interest rate. This kind of a settlement often finds the debtor in a fix, as he has to pay with the pre-decided terms till the entire outstanding loan amount has been cleared. This payment goes in the form of monthly payments to the creditor. Mortgage modification helps if you have been on the verge of a financial breakdown because of the loan you have taken.

Benefits of loan modification

It offers many benefits which can help you in settling your loan without having a nervous breakdown. You can apply for this loan modification process if your monthly mortgage payment exceeds in at least 31% or higher than your gross monthly income. If you have found yourself in such a situation then you can consult your lender for the loan modification program. According to this program you can change your monthly mortgage payments and lessen them, or you can change your interest rate, you can even modify it from a floating value to a fixed value, or you can change your repayment term and even change your outstanding or principal amount.

Disadvantages of loan modification

Apart from the benefits stated above the biggest disadvantage that this program has is that the approval and processing of this program is completely at the lender’s disposal. Also, this program can have little or no impact on your credit score. You will also need to pay processing and legal fees in order to avail this program. The borrower may require paying tax if the principal amount is reduced.

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Why the Need For Mortgage Modification?

7Mortgage modification has found to be slowly spreading its roots in the mortgage industry recently. Though this has been an infamous term, many people still don’t have the clear hang of it. They have not been able to grasp the benefits of this scheme in the right way and the right manner. Understanding what this term actually means and getting to know all the right details about it can go a long way in helping you handle your mortgage payments well in the future.

Let us take a look at why actually you would really need something called as mortgage modifications?

Mortgage modification – Introduction.

Understanding what exactly mortgage modification is, is an important first step towards understanding its benefits. A mortgage loan can be availed to finance your dream home. Any change in this mortgage in terms of changing its conditions is said to be mortgage modification. This has two participating parties, the creditor and the debtor. This modification mentioned above can mean change in the loan’s monthly payment, interest rate, repayment term and the outstanding loan balance or principal amount. This scheme can thus be extremely beneficial to debtors who are currently on the verge of bankruptcy or who are having an extremely hard time handling the mortgage payments as their income far exceeds the monthly mortgage amount.

Why do you require loan modification?

As seen, this scheme can help them to reduce their interest rates and can even sometimes change floating rate of interests to fixed ones. It can also help to reduce the amount of the principal loan or the outstanding loan balance. Using this scheme can also reduce the amount of penalty fees for late payments and other charges. It basically helps in reducing the monthly mortgage payment in a way which is corresponding to the borrower’s net monthly income. The most important aspect of this modification program is that it can even modify the repayment period or term to lengthen it.

However, the biggest and the most obvious downside to this program is that the approval of the loan modification program is completely dependent on the discretion of the creditor and will go ahead only if he allows it.

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Two-Percent Mortgage Modification Under Obama Plan

6If you are having trouble paying your mortgage payments, or if mortgage takes up more than half of your income, or if you have been struggling hard to meet your mortgage needs then there is a solution for you. You can become eligible for the two percent mortgage modification programs that have been put up by the government under the Economic Recovery Act. Mr. Obama has come up with a legislation that can help all such distressed people and allow them to have lower mortgage payment rates which are affordable and can avoid early foreclosure.

Simply put his plan can help you to modify your mortgage terms, so keep in line your monthly payment of mortgage and your income so that it can become more affordable for you.

Certain points which need to be kept in mind regarding this modification plan are listed below.

Eligible people for this plan.

The government has set aside certain guidelines for people who can qualify for this plan in their agenda. The first important criterion that needs to be met is that the property on which you are paying the mortgage should be owned by you and you should be residing there. It cannot by any means be your vacation home or rental property. The second most obvious and important criterion is that your mortgage payment per month should be 31% or higher than your current gross monthly income for you to be eligible to avail this plan.

The main processor who handles this modification program.

The government has sponsored this program which will allow the lenders to make the mortgage modifications. So accordingly each individual lender will approve and process the loan modification process.

Applying for the mortgage modification plan.

If the criterion mentioned above is fulfilled, then you can approach your lender for the loan modification program. He will then guide you along for the required paperwork. You can then think about the further details and put this plan in action.

Terms for this modification.

Typically the lenders have limited the interest on the mortgage to 2% and have extended the mortgage payment period even further to lessen your burden a bit.

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