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Why Does the Loan Modification Process Take So Long

The loan modification take between 30 to 90 days and there are various reason for this but the main one being the documentation that needs to present in the correct format.


Processing the Paper Work

This is a long process and one that you need to ensure that is presented correctly according to the banks or you lenders format. Also, make sure that it easy for the loan modification inspection to go ahead without having to ask for any extra information. The banks require to all the documentation to be processed and scanned into their system which can take up to 10 days. If there is any extra information required the whole process is delayed without even starting the assessment process

After all the paper work has been submitted the bank or lender they will assess if you are able to repay the loan by calculating the income to expense ratio and that is why using a loan modification service like loan mod depot will speed up the whole process by ensuring that the documentation is as the lender requires it.

The bank or lender might also want a separate appraisal of the property and that also takes some time. If your application is approved then it has to be underwritten by three or four underwriters who do their own assessments.

Follow up

Do follow up work once you have faxed or emailed the documentation because if something is not clear the person assigned to your application might not contact you immediately causing further delays. Therefore follow up and asked if they have received the paper work and if there are any problems so that you are assured your application is being processed. If you do not have time to do this due to a busy schedule or are not certain of the procedures use a loan modification professional.

Visit loan mod depot to engage a professional that will make sure that your application stands the best chance of being approved.

Loan Modifications and Mortgage Modifications

Why are Loan and Mortgage Modification Necessary

When someone takes a loan it is granted on the person’s finances at the time and depending on the amount can stretch for a period of 20 years and more. During this time your financial situation can change whereby you can no longer honour the monthly payments but you at the same time do not want to lose your home.

How Loan Modifications can help

The foreclosure process might have started or is about to and using a loan modification expert this process can be slowed down while all your relevant information is being assessed. There are companies that are best placed to do this such as Loan Modification Depot who know which procedures to follow.

In this instance, you can engage a loan modification lawyer who will be able to stop the process and negotiate a payment plan that will suit your financial status. It will change the loan agreement permanently and if you are experiencing only a temporary hardship then it might be better to consider other options.

Programs Available

Loan modifications experts will be able to advise you which program will be suitable for you. But generally, they are all there to help that you do not lose your home and that you will be able to manage the payments until the loan is paid off.

Loan and Mortgage Modifications are there to help you and you need to remember that the lender or the bank would like the loan to be paid so foreclosure is an option they have but having a loan modification specialists could help you prevent that from happening

Loan Modification Facts versus Fiction

The high unemployment rates and poor economic condition in the USA are affecting many homeowners’ financial capacity to keep up with their mortgage loan payments. As a result, they stand a risk of losing their homes to a foreclosure. But the loan modification plan is an option they can use to bail themselves out of this problem. However, it’s important to understand what is involved here. Let’s separate the facts from fiction regarding various loan modification plans.

1. You must have some backlogs of unpaid debts before qualifying for a loan modification

This myth was initially true but it changed when the US Government became involved in it. In the past, mortgage companies never used to accept the fact that you are suffering financial hardships and grant a loan modification unless you’ve not been able to pay your loans for some months. But a recent law by the US government in 2009 has allowed homeowners to access a loan modification even if they are up to date with their payments. It’s wrong to think that deliberately missing your payment deadlines will increase your chance of gaining a loan modification. In fact, those who are current with their payments are in better position to access the loan modification than those who aren’t.

2. Modification can lower the loan capital
This situation seldom happens in mortgage loan modifications. Do not expect the first mortgage company to minimize the capital you owe on the loan. If anyone promises you something like that, be very careful because it might just be a scam. No mortgage firm would deliberately want to cut down the capital unless they plan to add it up on the loan term and increase the payoff time.

3. Loan modification can help you prevent foreclosure at the eleventh-hour

Although loan modification help you avert a foreclosure, it is strongly advised not to leave everything until the last minute before applying for a modification. Usually, you’ll be given a notice several weeks before the eventual date of the foreclosure. This is the time to consult your financial advisor and find out what options you have (e.g. forbearance agreement, deed in lieu, short sale, loan modification). The loan modification expert will tell you the most ideal option available for you. If a loan modification is suggested, it will be better to start your application on time. Once your lender has seen some reasonable progress with your loan application, they may postpone, pause, or suspend the notice for a foreclosure. The key is to start on time and get a negotiator working on your application before the expiration of the foreclosure notice.

Why You Should Do Your Own Loan Modification!

If you’re no longer able to meet your obligation to pay your loans, the most ideal thing is to apply for a loan modification. This is an adjustment on your loan terms to lower your monthly payments and increase the entire duration of the loan. While you can consult a loan modification expert to help you out, there are many reasons why you should do it yourself.

You’ll save money when doing it yourself

Loan modification  consultant will definitely charge a fee for any service they are rendering. Since you’re trying to curb your expenses, there’s no need to spend more money on a consultant on something you can handle yourself. All you need is the necessary information and your mortgage company can provide such information for you. Loan modification experts don’t do any serious job other than help you sort out your documents and properly submit them to your lender. It’s something you can do yourself and save some cash you’ll need for other very important needs.

The mortgage companies usually assign a single person of contact to any applicant who wants a loan modification. They can provide any information you will need and help you get the right documents. It will be more ideal and even safer to seek assistance from them instead of spending your money on a consultant.

Avoidance of scams

When you apply and process your loan modification yourself, you’re never going to fall victim of scammers. This has been a common occurrence in the mortgage industry, where people take advantage of the homeowners’ desperation and part away with their money. When you are involved in the entire loan modification process without seeking outside help, there is no chance of falling victim to these scammers.

In conclusion, there are always more benefits when you will handle your loan modification process yourself. Apart from saving money, you’ll be staying away from scammers and save yourself from more financial hardships.



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Numerous Loan Modification Programs

There’s a wide range of options available for those looking for loan modification plans to help them save their homes from a foreclosure. These programs are provided to help the homeowners select the most ideal option as per their individual situation. While some programs offer longer payment terms and lowered interest rates, others can defer your capital payments for a certain period of time until you get stable financially. Below are some of the most common loan modification plans offered to the homeowners these days.

Postpone Payments

This option provides a temporary postponement of your payments until you are financially buoyant to continue. It’s more ideal for those who have short-term financial problems with assurance of financial improvement on the horizon. In this program, the loan payment is deferred and added to the end of the term, increasing the time required to offset the debt. However, this option requires payment of higher interest in the long run.

Longer term

This is another option where the mortgage company extends the number of years required to offset the debt. Since the repayment time is extended, your interest rates will be lower on a monthly basis but higher at the end of the payments. This will be a good option if you’re having temporary financial challenge due to high medical bills or temporary loss of job.

Refinancing the loan

The mortgage company may decide to swap the current loan plan for another one. The new loan plan will begin from the last time you made payments on the previous loan. Although the new loan comes with lowered interest rates, its payment duration will be much higher.

Deferred capital payment

Another loan modification service that banks usually offer is to allow you pay only the interest of the original loan and temporarily hold off the capital payments. This option does not allow you to build your equity on your mortgage.

The above are some of the most common loan modification programs offered by mortgage banks and loan modification companies. The most ideal option for you will depend on your financial situation and how soon you can get back on your feet to resume normal payments. The main goal is to make payments easier for you and help you save your home from a foreclosure.

How to Secure a Loan Modification Agreement?

Loan modification has been a major topic of discussion in recent years. This is because of the difficulties people face when they’re trying to access this loan payment option. Is there anything homeowners can do to improve their odds of getting approval for a loan modification? Actually, there’s a lot they can do in this regard.

  1. Get all the important files in order

Before applying for a loan modification service, it’s important to get all your documents ready. Such documents may include pay stubs, tax returns, bank statement, and anything that can prove you’re going through financial hardship. These files will prove your eligibility and may qualify you for a mortgage loan modification.

  1. Seek advice

If you are not familiar with the procedures and requirements for a successful loan modification application, it’s important to contact people who do. A loan modification expert can help you sort out the things you need to submit. You can also get in touch with your neighbors or friends who passed through this process previously. Although mortgage companies have different requirements and their dealings with each individual might be different, you will understand better how things work if you get more information from the experts and experienced individuals.

3. Explore More Options

There are different loan modification programs that you can explore to find out the program that seems ideal for you. You can settle for a program that offers interest rate reduction or decide to extend your pay-off time. Another option is to defer your principal and pay only interests until your financial situation improves. Whichever option you select, it should reflect on your needs and what is best for you.

Finally, a loan modification agreement can be very helpful for homeowners facing the stark reality of a foreclosure. They can readjust their payment terms to help them keep up with their payment commitments. When applying, it’s important to keep all your records and necessary documents in order to have a speedy application process.

Loan Modification Process – 3 Options to Avoid Foreclosure

If you are having financial hardship and you’re no longer able to consistently meet your financial obligations towards the payments of your mortgage loan, a foreclosure may be around the corner. However, there is a way out of this – getting a mortgage loan modification. With a loan modification, you’ll be able to reduce your mortgage payments and save your home. Below are three steps you can take to avoid a foreclosure.

Ask for help

The first thing you will do once you will realize you’re having problems in meeting your payment obligations is to contact your loan servicer or lender and ask for a mortgage modification. The company will take you to their loss mitigation unit. It’s also good to seek loan modification help from an expert who would advise you on the best way to go.  When contacting a loan modification consultant, be careful not to fall victim to scammers who would seek an upfront payment to help you out with your application.

Meet the lender’s requirements by submitting the necessary documents

The loss mitigation department will request certain files to show your unique circumstances that have prevented you from paying your mortgage loan. These documents will be used to assess whether you will be qualified for a loan modification. The company will also want to know if you’ll be able to make payments for the new loan plan if approved. This will serve as a basis for either accepting or rejecting your application.

Stay in touch

After your documents have been submitted, most servicers usually will attach you with a single point of contact. This person will guide you throughout the entire loan modification process. It’s important to keep in touch with your point of contact and communicate to them whenever you have any issues or updates regarding your financial status. Your proper communication with him will help speed up your application process.


The loan modification process can be a difficult process requiring lots of paperwork and constant visits to the mortgage company. It will be sad if all these things are done and at the end, the borrower’s application still gets rejected. This is why it’s important to strictly adhere to the lending company’s terms and provide the necessary documents.

How Long Does the Loan Modification Process Take?

Most homeowners who apply for a loan modification usually get frustrated when they wait for several weeks without getting any response from their servicing company. Understand that the loan modification process can take a lot of time for the mortgage firm to review, process, and approve or reject your application. The key is to remain patient and wait until the entire process is complete.

So, how long does a loan application process usually take?

Well, the entire process from application to final approval or rejection can take from 30 to 90 days, depending on the lending company and your ability to provide all the requirements. Some lenders may require more documents and may take more time to review all your documents. There is no definite time limit for the loan modification process to be completed. It depends on your situation and how much informed your lender wants to be when reviewing your application.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

As mentioned earlier, the duration of your loan application process depends on the mortgage company and your ability to meet their requirements. If a borrower has a lot of collateral issues, the lending company may take longer to process their application than expected. To help shorten the time, your loan modification attorney has to present your application in the most ideal way and process your application effectively. Doing things the right way will prevent any issue of improper documentation, saving you the stress of resubmitting files. It’s also going to be better if you know what to expect from your lender and understand the terms they may be willing to accept. All these will help you cut down the time it will take to process your application.

Overall, loan modification company will not be in a hurry to process your application because they want to be careful not to make mistakes or misjudge your situation. It falls on you to help speed things up by providing exactly what they need and whenever they need it.

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Loan Modification Process – A Waiting Game

When seeking a loan modification from a loan modification company, playing the waiting game can be very annoying. It can be even more frustrating since you don’t know whether your application will be accepted or rejected. Although there is no specific time when your application will be processed, the time frame may vary according to the lender and your ability to work effectively with them. The entire process can be as short as 2 months or as long as 2 years in some situations.

What to do to avoid waiting for so long?

When it comes to a loan modification process, if you fail to plan, you’re surely going to fail. The most ideal thing to do to avoid a prolonged loan modification process is to get things ready even before meeting your mortgage lender. You should have an idea what the lender will request from you and get those documents ready. Most homeowners usually get stuck in the process of providing the required documents either because they didn’t plan ahead or were not aware of the lending company’s requirements. Before you apply for a loan modification service, it’s important to consult a counselor and find out from the lose mitigation company what they would require. This will save you a lot of headache once the loan modification process will be commenced.

What should I do while waiting?

After you have successfully submitted your tax receipts, bank statement, paystubs, monthly expenses, and other documents that your loan modification firm has requested, the next thing is to wait patiently for their review process. The time length for this process will depend largely on the company and your financial situation. The only thing you’ll do here is to communicate frequently with the single point of contact assigned to you by the mortgage firm. You have to communicate regularly and ask for updates on the review process.

Once the process is complete, the company will send you a letter accepting or rejecting your application. Remember that the loan modification process can take longer than when you initially applied for the loan. The best way is to fulfill your own part by being efficient at supplying the necessary documents your lending company will need. Finally, you have to stay patient and communicate regularly with your representative (single point of contact) until the process is complete.

Basic Road Rules for the Loan Modification Process

Loan modification is a term used to describe a new loan payment plan that allows homeowners to make adjustments on their initial mortgage loan plans. It’s one of the most ideal options to select if a homeowner stands the risk of losing their home due to a foreclosure. However, the loan modification process is not an easy adventure. To have a successful application, the borrower needs to meet all the requirements of the bank or the lending company. Below are the basic rules to observe when applying for a loan modification.

Make sure all your documents are ready

Preparing improper records and documentation is one of the reasons why many homeowners fail in their loan modification application. Some of the documents they are usually asked to provide include hardship letter, paycheck receipts, tax payment receipts, and other documents that show the borrower is actually suffering from financial hardship. Most lending companies take this aspect very seriously and a borrower may be turned down if a single paper is outdated or missing.

Ask questions

Even if you are quite familiar with the loan modification process, it will be better for you to ask questions that you don’t understand. loan modification companies are different and so are their requirements. It’s always safer to find out from your company all the things they require, even if you are knowledgeable of their requirements.

Have an unrelenting mindset

The loan modification process can take a toll on you if you factor in all the long processes involved. This is why you have to stay strong and determined. You will be asked to submit and resubmit various documents. Your loan modification approval will not come on a platter of gold, even if you have a clear record with strong payment history. The only way to succeed in your loan modification application is to stay focused and determined to reach your goal.

On the whole, no homeowner would want to lose their property to a foreclosure. The best route out would be a loan modification service to help them lower the payments they make on the loan. And to succeed in this venture, you have to apply the rules of the game.