Atlanta Homeowners Facing Foreclosure – Options to Help Save Your Home

A foreclosure is a nightmare for any person who is on a mortgage plan. It is a situation where a person cannot keep making his mortgage payments and thus the bank or financial institution decides to sell their house and recoup their debt. A foreclosure could happen as a result of the borrower’s ill health, job loss, divorce, a natural disaster or other reasons. These reasons make it impossible for the borrower on a mortgage plan to be in compliance with their obligations towards their financial institution. But there are still some options for them which they can take to solve their problems.


  1. Forbearance agreement: this is a special agreement which can be arranged by a loan modification company to allow the banks to suspend or defer the payments for a while. This is done to give the clients some kind of reprieve and help them get their finances together before they continue with the payments.
  2. Mortgage modifications: the clients can discuss with the financial institutions about managing their mortgage plans to have a renegotiation of terms. If the current terms and conditions are hard for them to manage, clients can renegotiate for easier terms providing that the financial institutions can still make profit.
  3. Pre foreclosure sale: this is a smart way to recoup some of the money paid on mortgages. With the help of expert loan modification firms, such as Loan modification depot, clients can sell off the house before a foreclosure to give them some reprieve and help them look for a house which is within their range.