Can I modify commercial real estate loans?

8People want to modify their mortgage loans for many reasons, but it’s only possible if your previous agreement allows you to do so. If the future modification was included in your primary deed then you can modify on your own without any outside help. But if not,  you may have to take help from a loan modification company or a loan modification expert to avail it.

Pre-modification arrangements

If you’ve decided to modify the mortgage loan, check out  the following factors before you sign up for  your modification agreement.

  • Arrange all the documents related to the loan and additional documents that are needed for modification.
  • Determine whether the modification might help reduce the amount of interest.
  • Get help from a loan modification attorney to review the new contract on your behalf.
  • If you are raising money to quickly repay the due, make sure you continue doing this. If not, you may face foreclosure because of the modification.

Making new payment plans

A new payment plan is needed if you are taking necessary steps to modify the mortgage loan. If you have good knowledge on this factor and can do it yourself, it is okay. Otherwise, it is best to take help of a loan modification lawyer. Tell him what you need from this new deal and he will make a payment plan according to that. But to follow the new plan, your lender also needs to approve that.

Changes that can be made

There is a limitation to modify mortgage loans. However, everything still depends on the wish of the lender. As you are already under an agreement, if the lender says no then there is nothing you can do to modify your loan.

  • You can always reduce the amount of monthly payment. But you may have to pay longer in this case.
  • If the lender accepts, you can have the loan rate reduced.
  • If you’ve missed your last payment then the lender might have charged a late fee. You can avoid that with modification.
  • Delay of foreclosure is the most important facility that you can get through a modification.