Can I stop a sheriff sale on my home?

4If the due date has passed for repayment of your mortgage loan even after receiving the pre-foreclosure notices, there is not much hope for you to avoid a sheriff sale. However, you can still seek for a loan modification company to get the best help. If you are also facing foreclosure on your doorstep, here are some ideas that might help you a bit.

Avoiding sheriff sale with chapter 13 bankruptcy

This is maybe the most effective way to postpone the foreclosure. Many borrowers who face foreclosure on their properties due to mortgage loans file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee then takes over the case. You can also seek the help of a loan modification attorney for further assistance regarding the case.

Pay the Debt

How about paying the debt you owe to stop the sheriff sale? This is the only way  if you don’t want to face further hassles. If you’ve received a pre-foreclosure notice then you must know by now how much you need to repay. If you can arrange the money within the due date then no one will take your property from you.

Mortgage Assistance Programs

If you live in any of the states which have mortgage assistance programs, you can get help from there. When you contact the mortgage assistance programs, like California Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program, you may get money to pay off the due debt.

Sell the property yourself

If you don’t see any other way, sell the property yourself. But before doing so, it is advised to consult a loan modification specialist to find out if there is any different way available for you. Unfortunately, if you still cannot get any help from there, sell the property yourself.

Convince the lender for more time

If all the doors are closed, the only way to avoid foreclosure is to convince the lender for more time. If you are in direct contact with the lender then this might be possible. If the lender allows you some more time to repay your debt then no one can force you further and take your home from you.