Chase Loan Modification Application Process


Once you have decided that you need a chase loan modification you will need to gather the required information and establish if you qualify. The first form that is required is the application form where you give your personal details such as your employment information, social security number etc. You will also need a financial statement and remember that the decision is solely based on the information you supply therefore if you are unsure use a loan modification consulting company.

There are also forms to allow the bank to access your latest tax returns and then the loan modification mitigation counsellor will start assessing the information.


During this process have copies of all the documentation that you have submitted and have the information readily available. You do not want a situation whereby the mitigation counsellor phones you for information and you are unsure because it could delay the process and you even stand a chance of being denied.

This is an important time in your life and you do not want to risk losing your house, therefore, investing some time in getting all the information correct is worthwhile. To further strengthen your case you could engage a loan modification attorney to help ensure that the application process is done in the shortest possible time.

Using professional services such as loan mod depot will help you go through the process step by step, calculating your debt ratio and do all the financial statements. More importantly, engaging professionals will assist you writing the hardship letter which needs to accompany your application and needs to be written correctly after which they will present your application in the right format.