Does Foreclosure impact my credit?

Credit companies show the credit information that is available with them. They do not judge about the information provided to them in the credit report. Lenders view this information which leaves a negative impact on your credibility. It is better to approach a loan modification company when it is difficult to pay back the loan. A foreclosure in the credit reports will make it difficult to get credits with the best rates especially if you faced problems with other credit accounts.

A foreclosure in a person’s account will be on the credit report for seven years and will definitely affect the creditworthiness of the person. If the person takes charge of his debts and makes regular payments they will continue after the foreclosure disappears from the account,

How Long Does Foreclosure take?

The foreclosure process changes from state to state. A borrower can expect a phone call or a letter from the lender when the payment  are delayed by a month or more. After three months or more the lender will send a demand letter or notice to hasten the payment. This notice will inform you about the amount you owe and the date by which you have to make payment. If you cannot pay by the date the lender will start proceedings for foreclosure. Before that you can consult a loan modification consultant to help you to reset your loan.

The Way in Which Foreclosure can impact your Credit

Once there is foreclosure it affects the credibility of the person very badly. The person will not be able to get credit cards or loans for a long time even if he gets loans he will have to pay a higher rate of interest. Very often employers too look at the credit score and it may be difficult to get a job. It will also impact the credit score.

If you want to maintain a good credit record for future loans avoid a foreclosure