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Foreclosure Knowledgebase

Understanding your rights, the laws, current Foreclosure Prevention Programs, Loan Modification Assistance, Government programs among other information and news to assistance only the process. Please note this information is provided for educational purposes only, it is strongly recommended that you consult a Loan Modification and or Foreclosure Prevention Specialist.

When a lender decides to sell your property this is usually due to a foreclosure notice having been served. This process enables the lender to recover their losses … Read More

The United States decided to set up a federal program called the Home Affordable Modification Program which is also better known as H.A.M.P. This foreclosure prevention program was … Read More

Buying a home is a long and painstaking process to be involved in. So when it comes to buying a home a mortgage is one of the first … Read More

Keeping up with mortgage repayments can sometimes be a struggle, it maybe that your circumstances have changed and now you are finding it hard to make ends meet, … Read More

  You have found that keeping up with your mortgage repayments is now becoming a problem and you have heard about a scheme called HAMP but you are … Read More

A loan modification request will come as a pack which will require you to provide paperwork and the one thing that you will need to include is your … Read More

So you have found your dream home, but you do not know or have enough experience in this field so rather than try and seal the deal on … Read More

A mortgage modification company is also known as a loan modification company, what this business does is helps homeowners modify mortgages or loans that they have been given … Read More

Foreclosure is something that every home owner does not want to have to face but unfortunately this is a reality for some. So being able to turn to … Read More

Financial hardship can cause you to have problems when it comes to keeping up with your mortgage repayments, and the last thing you want to do is have … Read More

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