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Foreclosure Knowledgebase

Understanding your rights, the laws, current Foreclosure Prevention Programs, Loan Modification Assistance, Government programs among other information and news to assistance only the process. Please note this information is provided for educational purposes only, it is strongly recommended that you consult a Loan Modification and or Foreclosure Prevention Specialist.

The foreclosure process is one that many people are not aware of, especially if they have never had to face this process themselves or do not know anyone … Read More

A loan modification is not offered to people who are having problems in keeping up with their mortgage repayments. So if you think this is what you require … Read More

HAMP was designed to take each borrower into consideration as stated in their guidelines, set out by the federal government. Well, at least in theory anyway. The process … Read More

A mortgage modification company is also known as a loan modification company, these businesses help borrowers change the terms of their mortgage or loan agreements by modifying them. … Read More

Although, decreasing the amount you pay each month may seem like a great idea at the time, there are other problems that then become apparent. Such as paying … Read More

Looking for help and advice when it comes to applying for a loan modification is something you should be very careful of. There are companies out there who … Read More

Partial Claim – this enables the funds to be advanced to the homeowner, a type of promissory note. This is only agreed upon as long as your payments … Read More

An eligible homeowner will go through the process of negotiating with their lender what is called a loan modification, if they find that for whatever reason they are … Read More

The Foreclosure Sale and Losing Your Home The foreclosure sale is the final part of the process, but there are some jurisdictions where this is not always the … Read More

Notice of Default This is something you will receive if your payment is late by 30 days or more, what this notice is telling you, is that you … Read More

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