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Foreclosure Knowledgebase

Understanding your rights, the laws, current Foreclosure Prevention Programs, Loan Modification Assistance, Government programs among other information and news to assistance only the process. Please note this information is provided for educational purposes only, it is strongly recommended that you consult a Loan Modification and or Foreclosure Prevention Specialist.

You bet every American’s wish is for their monthly loan payments to be lowered while still being allowed to live in their home. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough … Read More

It’s not easy. Being a proud home owner and paying the bills. Trying to do your best at your job and trying to do the best by your … Read More

Indeed, the real estate market is unpredictable. How else can anyone explain the fact that a lot of homeowners who bought during the property boom are now suffering … Read More

What is foreclosure? Foreclosure is nothing but talking away the possessions of your property that is mortgaged when you fail to pay off the mortgage debt. Nowadays foreclosure … Read More

Many homeowners struggling with mortgage loan payment could benefit from different loan modification options that lenders like banks avail today. A loan modification program can result in a lender re-adjusting … Read More

Loan Modification: Loan modification is nothing but a negotiation between you and your lender of loan. Usually people apply for loan modification when a financial crisis occurs. This … Read More

You’ve worked out that you are above the magic number of 31%  i.e. your monthly mortgage payments are more than 31% of your pretax income – then you … Read More

Why do you need a Loan Modification Company? Have you ever been faced with a situation where you are in desperate need for financial advice when it comes … Read More

Foreclosure defense: With the right way to approach your lenders, and with the right legal solutions out there, saving your home and avoiding foreclosure is not as difficult … Read More

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