How can I negotiate a loan modification with my lender?

It is always advised that you should get in touch with your lender if you foresee any difficulty in making your mortgage payments in the future. Firstly, it would help you avoid a foreclosure, and secondly, it would provide you an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of the loan. This would make it easier for you to catch up with your debts and have more stability on the financial front. So here are loan modification tips than can be of help.

87-1Communicate clearly

Your lender would be keen to avoid a foreclosure because it is a long and expensive process. So talk about your loan modification options and see what suits your situation. For a short-term financial crunch, you can ask for a forbearance, but if you need a more permanent solution, a loan modification is the best bet. To qualify for a loan modification, you need to show that you have the resources to honor the terms of the modified loan. In addition, you should have a clear understanding of the related financial liabilities like penalties.

87Be prepared

You can lead the negotiations on your own but it would be prudent to hire a reputable loan modification firm or lawyer for this process. Check with your lawyer regarding any requirements or laws you need to be aware of before starting the negotiations. Work on your terms of negotiations like interest rate, collaterals, number of payments, etc. The lender might agree or disagree but you need to have all your facts in place, which gives you a better chance of succeeding.

Choose an arbiter

There are chances that your negotiations might hit a roadblock, so it is best to work with your lender to decide on an arbiter, who can push the discussion forward.

Negotiating a loan modification isn’t easy, so if you are not sure about your ability to go it alone, hire a reputable firm like Loan Modification Depot.