How to save your home from foreclosure?

3Foreclosure sale occurs when a homeowner becomes unable to make mortgage payments on time. The lenders start sending notice when the homeowners stop making payments. After a certain period of time, if the homeowners are still unable to clear their debts, the lenders proceed with the foreclosure sales. However, the homeowners can save their homes from foreclosure by considering some necessary options.

Never Stop Making Payments

Generally, the foreclosure process starts after three to four months when you stop making your payments. You should consider mortgage payments as your top priority. When you fall behind on making payments, you receive many notices and these can affect your credit.

Contact Your Lender

When you know that you are going to fall behind on your payments, never hesitate to contact your lender first. Ask for some loan modification options. Submit the loan modification application with all the necessary documents so that the lender can allow the loan modification. You can also contact a loan modification company to get some valuable tips.


You may be able to lower your payments with the help of refinancing your mortgage. You can ask your lender if they can refinance the loan. You may be required to pay some additional fees, though your monthly payments will definitely become lower than what you are paying now.

Temporary Interest Rate Reduction

This plan might work if the financial hardship you are facing is temporary. You can lower the interest rates for some period of time. It is recommended that you should only opt for such a plan if you are sure that you will recover from the current situation soon. It will not be helpful if the financial hardship you are facing is going to last for a long time.


You can avoid the foreclosure from happening if you don’t create those situations that have caused it. Having excessive debt and buying houses that are way beyond your budget are not recommended. There can be many reasons for your financial hardship but the important thing is that your should inform your lender about your financial status. Lenders always try to cooperate with you and at the same time, they don’t want that you face foreclosure. So your lender can help you the most when you are facing a difficult time.