How to Find a Mortgage Attorney?

One of the ways to fight a foreclosure of your home is to hire an attorney. But how do you find a good attorney who will help fight for your home? Here are some tips for finding a foreclosure defense attorney and what you can expect from them.

First, prior to contacting an attorney, call a certified HUD housing counselor. You can find one in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Make sure to choose your state under the heading of counseling services. Find one that will offers “mortgage delinquency and default resolution counseling.” A counselor who has experience dealing with delinquent mortgages can streamline the process of getting you a mortgage modification.

Before a lawyer is able to assist you, you must get organized. This is where a HUD counselor can be beneficial. They do not charge for their time so it is beneficial to have them advise you in the organization process. Create a one page chronology of your circumstances. Make sure to list the important facts of the case and gather all documentation including any history of your correspondence with the lender.

There are many ways to search for an attorney. A web search will pull up articles that quote foreclosure lawyers or go by word of mouth. To find out if a referral is trustworthy, try calling a Legal Aid Office, the NACA or a nonprofit called Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance.

Finally make sure you know what you want prior to meeting with the attorney. For example, do you want help to negotiate a new loan? Do you want to just buy time? Do you want to avoid a deficiency judgement? Etc.  And beware of any attorney willing to take your money but tells you he can buy you maybe six months but you’re going to lose your house eventually. That tells you they won’t be working very hard on your behalf.