How to Research Loan Modification Companies Wisely

Finding a good loan modification company that will look after your interests requires some research and there are a few questions that can help you weed out the good from the bad.

Information that will help with finding a good Company

Researching loan modification companies you need to get information from them and let them do all the talking rather than you giving all your information up front. The first question that you could ask the company is how do they know if they can help you? Often in a situation like this, the trend is to discuss all your problems but you should resist this if you want to find a good company and instead listen to what they can do for you.


Ask if they have references of at least three different clients that they have provided with loan modification service. These three clients will probably give you much more information than the company itself. Ask the references if they felt that it was money well spent.

What method will be used

The quickest way is for the attorney to negotiate a reduction in payments according to the hardship letter but the longer more complex way could be more beneficial. This is when the lawyer checks if there have been any legal violations of the loan agreement and the benefits of doing it this way, could be more beneficial to you in the long term

The Fees

Even though this is important it is not as important as having your loan modification approved and by the loan modification company telling you what the fees are will not help the end result. Rather commit to a company like Loan Modification Depot who will do their best to ensure that the loan modification will be approved.

Ask about Their experience

Ask how they will be working with your particular lender and if they say that they have never worked with them it could be an indicator that they lack experience.