Modify your mortgage- 3 tips to get approval on your mortgage modification

11Applying for a loan is one thing and paying for it is another. At times, you may experience trouble when it comes to paying the monthly payments. Remember, if you keep defaulting on your monthly payments you may be at risk of foreclosure. To prevent this, you can request for a mortgage loan modification.

This is the process that will help you pay less of the mortgage interest rate.  Keep in mind that the program is not for everyone.  You need to prove that you are experiencing financial hardships that are preventing you from paying your monthly payments.


  • Communicate early in advance

If you are going through financial hardships then you need to inform your bank or lending institution ahead of time.  Informing them in time will help them draft the terms of the modification.

  • You need to have required documents

It is important for your application for you to provide the required documents. You will have to provide documents like utility bills, credit card statement,  bank statements and insurance policy. These are the documents that will be used to determine the type of modification that will be applied.

  • Know how to write the hardship letter

One thing that you will enjoy required to do is have an a hardship letter. You therefore need to provide specifics of the reason for the request. This is the letter that shall help you in your application. It is important for you to include the specific details of your financial challenges.  You need to provide the reason for your hardship. The documents that you provide will support your letter.

There are different options that you can choose to use. You may opt to have your principal revised and your interest rate reduced or have your loan repayment time extended.

Keep in mind that not all the applications are accepted and so you need to be prepared for anything.


Loan mortgage modification can be a challenging process. But with the proper guidance, you will be able to get the help that you need.