A mortgage modification is a change to the original terms of a mortgage. If you think that your mortgage payment is too high and you are having trouble making your payments and are in danger of default, hiring a mortgage lawyer may be worth considering. Many homeowners worry that hiring a lawyer is too expensive; however, there are mortgage lawyers who do pro bono work and nonprofit legal aid programs that offer free or inexpensive services.

The decision to hire a mortgage lawyer may be a matter of time versus money. The average home owner will have to spend several hours a week on the phone or in the lender’s office trying to work out a loan modification. Home owners who don’t have that kind of time may prefer to hire a lawyer for professional help.

The borrower will be required to sign paper work that that authorizes the mortgage lawyer or other representative they’ve hired to speak to the lender about their situation because the lender has a responsibility to protect the borrower’s privacy from unauthorized inquiries. Hiring lawyer just might make the difference between getting your mortgage restructured and losing your home.

Before you hire a lawyer:

Understand the basics about mortgage modification. Mortgage modification is permanent. Decide if it is worth paying a mortgage lawyer. You have the right to handle the modification negotiations by yourself if you desire.


Mortgage modification is a complicated field that requires years of experience. This is a complicated area you are discouraged from coming to any firm conclusions too soon. There are many factors that determine the path that is best for you.