Mortgage Modification Loan – Busting the Myths behind the Guidelines

Mortgage Modification Loan

A financial crisis may affect the ability of a homeowner to efficiently meet his monthly mortgage obligations. When such a situation arises, homeowners may choose to negotiate a renewed payment plan with their financiers. This is referred to as a mortgage modification, a loan modification or a mortgage modification loan. This facility allows homeowners to continue making monthly payments so as to avoid a foreclosure. Homeowners are advised to consult the services of a loan modification specialist or loan modification lawyer to get assistance in the rigorous exercise.

Mortgage Modification Guideline Myths

  1. Financiers Are Always Ready To Help – by reducing the monthly payments made by a homeowner, the profits of the institution are similarly reduced. This means that the financing body would rather let you continue your regular monthly payments than have them reduced.
  2. Don’t Apply Now, Default Payment First – while it may be easier to get a loan modification approved upon defaulting on your payment, this is quite risky. The HAMP initiative stipulates that homeowners in danger of financial hardship are free to apply for the assistance.
  3. Non-Profit Mortgage Modification Groups Have Your Best Interests At Heart – while one or two organizations in your locality may be willing to go the whole way with you, most loan modification companies prefer not to get entangled in lengthy legal proceedings. Their assistance would mostly be superficial, steering clear of legalities.
  4. Loan Modification Only Works For The Primary Residence – although this is mostly true, homeowners can apply for an internal modification for their commercial properties.
  5. Loan Principal Can Be Reduced If Property Value Drops – it would be a dream come true if the actual loan principal was reduced, owing to a drop in the value of the property. Well, this is just a dream. Loan modification firms will only offer this facility for homeowners servicing more than one mortgage.