Should I hire a real estate lawyer to help with my foreclosure? 

Hiring a good lawyer for your foreclosure process can help you in many ways than one. The lawyer would be able to work with both the borrower and the lender to negotiate loan modification options and also help stop the foreclosure. The lawyer might be able to do what you cannot do alone – save your home. In a worst case scenario, if your combined efforts aren’t sufficient to save your home, the real estate lawyer can at least provide valuable guidance on how to minimize the damage to your finances and credit ratings.

88-1When is a real estate lawyer helpful?

If you are faced with foreclosure, your lawyer can provide the right guidance to slow down the process. Moreover, involving a lawyer in the process would mean that the mortgage company would have to communicate with him or her only. So with the legal angle involve, the process slows down considerably, giving you some time to improve your financial situation. Additionally, the real estate attorney would have insight into all the related processes, and can ask the right questions to ensure a better outcome to all the negotiations. The mortgage company would also be forced to pay more attention to what a legal counsel says. So whether it is about chalking out a forbearance agreement or looking for loan modification options, a lawyer can guide the distressed homeowner in the right direction. However, due care should be taken to hire a reputable lawyer or a firm like Loan Modification Depot.

88Don’t wait too long

You should contact a real estate lawyer as early as possible. This would help you find a more affordable solution to your foreclosure related problems. Waiting too long would only damage all your chances at negotiation, especially if you are keen to save your home. Even a lawyer wouldn’t be able to help then.

At times, a loan service provider might have made some serious errors on its part while crediting payments or charging fees. An experienced loan modification lawyer from firms like Loan Modification Depot can be of great help in such cases.