Should I Use a Mortgage Attorney?

If you are wondering if you should hire an attorney to assist you in a loan modification, the answer depends on your circumstances.  There is no requirement to hire an attorney when you want to modify your loan, however there are times when you may want to consider at least consulting with one.

If you have educated yourself on the process in mortgage loan modification, and you have spoken to a lender, and you think you have a very good understanding about what is required in the application, it is not unreasonable to submit the application yourself.

If you are in doubt about any of the requirements or any part of the loan process, consulting an attorney would be beneficial for you. An attorney can assist you in filling out the paperwork and help to present your circumstances in the most favorable light possible.

It is very difficult to get your home back after a foreclosure has been completed so dealing with any law violations by the lender should be done before this process is complete. Having an attorney helping you through the process gives you a better chance of getting positive results before a sale takes place.

An attorney is also beneficial if your lender denies your modification request and you want to appeal the decision.