Speeding up your Mortgage Assistance Application

Mortgage Assistance is there to help you change the mortgage so that it is more affordable and there are various ways of speeding up the application

Right Documents

In order for you to have an accurate record of all the documents keep a file of all the documents that have been submitted so if any are lost at the lender’s office it would be easy to replace them and speeding up the process.

Choose a loan modification attorney carefully with a lot of experience and who will communicate with the lender or bank frequently so that your application is not left unattended until a later date.

Be Proactive

Don’t rely on questions that will be asked by the lender. Do some research and find out what information is required and using a loan modification consultant will help in this regard. You do not want a situation whereby the loan modification inspector needs to contact you for more information. This creates delays and if you do have a loan modification expert who is dealing with your application do all your communication through him/her so that there is no confusion.

Supporting documents

Along with your financial statement keep all your receipts, bills and any other liabilities or income to prove your ability to pay the loan and the current financial situation. Using loan modification companies such a Loan Modification Depot will assist you in ensuring that all the documentation is correct and presented in such a way that it is easy for the Lender to do the appraisal speeding up the whole process.

In summary communicate with the lender frequently, ask if they need any further information and have copies of all the documents that you have submitted which eliminates any unnecessary delays.