Stop Foreclosure

Falling behind with mortgage repayments is the last thing that any homeowner wants to admit to, but foreclosure will eventually happen if the homeowner does not decide to resolve the problem in one of four ways.

  • Applying for a loan modification
  • File bankruptcy
  • Stop the foreclosure completely by filing a suit against the lender
  • Find an alternative way of delaying the foreclosure process

Although, you do not want to leave any of the above options right until the last minute, delaying a foreclosure can be achieved by applying for what is called a loan modification. If this option is accepted by the lender then foreclosure on the property will be delayed inevitably as long as the agreed modification payments are always made on time.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has taken out a mortgage can even envisage the possibility of ever falling behind with their mortgage repayments, but with extenuating circumstances suddenly putting homeowners in this terrible situation being unable to keep up with their repayments becomes all too much of a reality.

Once a Notice of Default has been filed, the options that are available are very limited. So making sure that you contact your lender as soon as possible is always the best thing to do and in the process of doing so you and your lender may be able to come to some alternative arrangement, before foreclosure proceedings commence. If you decide to leave the problem till it is too late then you may find it very difficult to come to a final resolution with the lender as they may be very reluctant to help you.

Expert Loan Modification help is valuable. Some programs only allow you to apply once within a certain period of time. It’s important that you achieve success from the start otherwise you may not have enough time for another loan modification application review. A knowledgeable Loan Modification and Foreclosure Prevention company such as can offer you options and deliver results unlike any organization.

Avoid Foreclosure and get a loan modification with lower payments.

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