The advantages of using a Home Loan Modification Company

You are already facing the heavy burden of your mortgage payments. Maybe you cannot afford attorneys services and decide the only option is to try and re-negotiate a deal by yourself.
Well, you are forgetting that most reputable home loan modification companies like Loan Modification Depot, offer free consultation. You can apply for a free consultation here :

What to consider?
You need to ask yourself, if the services that a Home Loan Modification company can provide are worth the money.
The loan modification experts can first examine your particular situation and see whether you are eligible for a home loan modification and the amount you can hope to save by applying for one. They can also suggest other options under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (, Make Home Affordable (MHA) program.
They can understand where you are in the process – how many payments have you missed, where are you in the process of Home Loan Modification or Short Sale etc. Thereafter, they can try and rectify any missteps and quickly complete the procedures (For e.g. if paperwork needs to be filed to prevent foreclosure and let you continue in your home for the time being). Remember, mistakes in the proper procedure of filing could lead to delays and costly mistakes.

How can they help you?

Thereafter, they shall be pushing to get your particular case on the right person’s desk using their industry contacts. They shall be filing relevant paperwork with several different offices and then following up with these offices multiple times.

Finally, when it’s time to wrangle a deal from your lender, your attorneys mere presence at the negotiating table should encourage the lenders to offer a reasonable deal right from the outset. The lender knows that the attorneys handle such kind of cases all the time and the lawyers know what is a fair deal. A good negotiating attorney should be able to get more from the lender than a client would be able to on his own. This should cover the attorneys expenses and then some. And you saved on doing all the leg work yourself. It’s a good deal all around – except for the bank or lender.

Whatever you decide to do – try to go it yourself or if you decide you need an attorney – do check out for a free consultation and valuable information.