The five types of mortgage modification

12.Mortgage modification is the process of reducing the principal loan for the people who are going through financial hardships and cannot be able to pay the loan.  This is a program that is approved by the state for the purposes of reducing the huge number of people who are defaulting.

You need to note that the mortgage reduction is not given to each and every person.  There are requirements that you need to fill before you can be given the loan modification.

There are five types of mortgage modification and you need to know about them if you are going to succeed in choosing the perfect option.

  • Interest reduction

One of the ways that the bank can reduce your loan is the interest rate can be reduced to about 2% of the principal  loan given. If the loan interest has been modified, it will be easy for you to pay the monthly payments.

  • Lowering the principal payments

The bank can lower the initial principal  of the loan that you initially agreed to.  The lender shall lower the monthly principal s that you can pay which shall eventually make it easy for you to ready the loan.

  • Increased on the loan repayment time

When you contact the lender for a modification, you can choose to have your repayment time increased.  The lender will extend the time in which you can pay the loan.  The extension will significantly reduce the monthly payments that you will be paying.

  • The monthly income consideration

When you choose this option, the bank shall the review your loan in regards to your income.  You will then be required to pay at least 30% of your loan based on your income capacity.

  • Forbearance

This is a different type of modification that the lender will give you.  The bank shall suspend the payment of the loan for a short time as you go through the financial hardships.  Once the hardship period is over, you will resume the full payment of the mortgage.  The repayment can be done by paying the full amount or by settling the amount in installment.


Mortgage modification is the best option for you if you are experiencing financial challenges. You need to gain the required information if you are going to succeed in getting the assistance.