Tips & Advices for Getting a Mortgage Modification

Mortgage modification is a solution that most homeowners choose when they are trying to avoid foreclosure. It may seem scary but with the right tips, it can be done without much hassle.

  • Make sure you choose the right option

There are different loan modification options to choose from which can be beneficial to your financial situation. These options are lowering the interest rates, lengthening the loan term, lowering the monthly payment, and lowering the amount of lateness penalties. You have to study your financial situation carefully before choosing one of these options in order to choose the one that will help improve your financial situation in the long term.

  • Make sure you have all the documents needed

Having the recent bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, and any other document which may prove that you are going through financial difficulties will help with your chances of getting the mortgage modification approved no matter what the loan modification option is.

  • Stay in touch and be persistent

Homeowners should call the loan providers on a weekly basis with reminders to check their updates and inform them about special circumstances that might have appeared throughout the week. Keep calling in order to make sure the process doesn’t fall through.

  • Work with a loan modification attorney

Sometimes, even after going through the whole process of reaching a mortgage servicer, they don’t give you the options you had hoped for. In this case, it’s better to work with a loan modification attorney. The attorney will be able to have a counter-offer ready especially when they find out that the mortgage servicer is not giving you the best offer that can be provided. At, you’ll be able to find out the perfect attorney to represent you.