Tips For Obtaining a Loan Modification – Without Getting Ripped Off!

3There are a lot of people applying and availing the loan modification and foreclosure on their homes nowadays. It is difficult for the government to keep tab on scams and frauds related to them. Loan modifications have been handled and practiced for a long time now. In the real estate scenario it is a win-win situation for both the parties. Loan modification includes taking the existing agreement and modifying it so that it is beneficial for both the parties. It can include many different terms like changing the payment, terms, rate of interest and so on.

There are many loan modification companies coming up waiting in line to offer you the best possible deals. However, before falling prey to their pressure tactics, it is important that you have a background on the nuances of it. Following are certain tips that might help you!

Get in contact with the lender first.

It is important to directly talk to your lender who can guide you to the loan modification department. Many a times companies can be directly attached to the properties, hence calling your lender is the best way forward.

 Do not pay up front for your loan modification.

This is the most general and the most important rule of all. Many companies are often not the correct representatives for handling loan modifications and to lure you they can ask you to pay in advance. Be wary of such companies.

Check their licenses.

Make sure that the company you select has the proper license to practice in your state. This ensures that you have someone practiced and expert in this field at your disposal. It is always better to do your business with someone with a license than with someone who doesn’t have one.

Prepare for the worst.

Lenders have always been open about making profit and they usually don’t like losing their money soon. You can go ahead and threaten them onto a foreclosure in case they are adamant on your loan modification decision. A bank loses more money in case of a foreclosure. So giving them an option for a loan modification works as a win-win for both the lender and you.

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