What Happens When Your Mortgage Lender Takes You to Court?

The lender and the borrower are two entities that work together to make a mortgage successful. As it is the duty of the borrower to comply with the payment demands of the mortgage, the lender or Mortgage Company will not tolerate any defaulting from the borrower.

The ultimate move of the mortgage company to get back their property is often filing a lawsuit against the borower.

The obvious reason why your mortgage lender would sue you

When there is a default in payment for a mortgage and the borrower seems not to have a solution to come up with for resolving the situation, the lender has no option but to go through the legal means of the court. He knows he has the upper hand here with the terms of agreement on the mortgage loan repayment.

Expect the worst when you don’t have cogent defense

If you are charged and if you appear in court with no clear cut reasons for your defaulting, expect to get the worst in foreclosure proceedings. Your case can only be looked into by the judge if you have evidence and good explanation to give for the default. For example, if you recently have spent a lot on your ill spouse, a divorce situation, a loss of job and just in the process of securing a new one are some good explanations that can stop your lender from going ahead with serving you a foreclosure notice.

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