What is Principal Mortgage Modification?

ddaMortgage by definition is a legal agreement between a lender and a borrower. The borrower presents his house to the lender as a collateral for which he receives money from the lender. The cash needs to be paid back within a stipulated period with interest.

It often happens that due to some hardships or suffering or calamity, the borrower is unable to make regular payments. Thus, in such conditions, mortgage agreement needs to be modified. Any changes in the mortgage agreement is termed as a mortgage modification.

One question that strikes our mind is why will a lender agree to modify mortgage terms when he already holds a collateral? The answer is simple. Renegotiated loan or modified loan benefits both the borrower and the lender. The borrower can be more relaxed about the repayment of the loan and the lender can earn more profits by retaining the customer’s business.

Mortgage or Loan modification options:

Mortgage can be modified by changing the following terms-

  • Lowering the interest rates
  • Extending the loan payment period
  • Changing the loan type from the adjustable-rate loan to the fixed-rate loan

One can always get in touch with the loan modification consultants at Loan Modification Depot (loanmoddepot.com) to know what the best suitable strategy in one’s case is.

Why prefer a loan modification specialist over others:

Not all banks or borrowers agree to modify mortgage conditions immediately. Often, they prefer to investigate the situation themselves.

A loan modification specialist is an expert who is thoroughly trained to make the negotiation between the lender and the borrower effective. He will help you assemble and prepare all the documents required for the process.

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