7..The whole foreclosure process usually requires two to twelve months. This is absolutely dependent on the action of the lender and your property’s location. There is some exception in some states since they give in to nonjudicial process. This allows the process to fasten, hence you get access to the urgent care services without straining. There are some steps that you are expected to follow right from the moment you fail to offer the mortgage payment . There are demand letters, a recorded notice of the foreclosure and the publication of the debt you are required to produce. The foreclosure scheduling auction form should also be produced at the same time. Foreclosure is a long process when faced which allows you to have enough time to come up with another alternative, therefore you can visit the urgent care center. Homeowners insurance will offer a hand when you are thinking about auctioning your home.

Read the documents carefully

Initiate the process by checking all the documents that have been given to you by your lender. These include letters and even phone calls. Ensure that you take a look at your mortgage documents. These will clearly outline the steps your lender will take. These also include the foreclosure clause which is needed for the auctioning of your home after your failure to pay for your mortgage. Consider reading the foreclosure laws in your state, as it will help you make a better decision in such a difficult situation.

Pick up the phone

Avoid giving up while facing difficult situations regarding paying your mortgage on time. You should persist even if you have received a default notice. In the face of foreclosure, call your lender. Dial the number located on the mortgage statement. Ask for the Loss Mitigation Department. During the call, record the names and take notes.

Next call should be made for the purpose of foreclosure avoidance. This is approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This will enable you to have access to the laws applicable to the foreclosure. It will give you the chance to prepare and organize your financial documents. This is offered for free by one of the counselors. At this point, avoid foreclosure rescue scams which may lead you searching for urgent care services.