Which Foreclosure assistance programs help best?

Options abound on ways of avoiding foreclosures. Assistance can come from your lender or bank through renegotiation and modifications. The government programs are some of the major impacts that have helped homeowners keep their homes. There are therefore choices on loan modification options you can go for to save your home. Some of the programs that have run for some time now are:

The federal housing administration insured loan scheme

This is a loan scheme provided by the federal government of the US to help non-FHA homeowners keep their home. Qualifying for this program requires that you maintain your home as your primary residence, have a credit level of not lower that 500 and some others.

The home affordable modification program (HAMP)

This is also a program that mandates banks and mortgage companies to help homeowners retain their homes. It also comes with its regulations and benefits for the homeowners.

Home affordable refinance program (HARP)

This is also in the same in line with HAMP. It is a program run by the federal housing finance agency (FAHFA). This program is only applicable for homeowners who have got their mortgage not later than 2009 this is in accordance with the reason for its launch then.

The best program and what should determine one

It is worth saying that every program is designed to meet various mortgage needs. If you are going to get the best for your mortgage, you may have to get the assistance of the experts on the field to help you out in your selection. A loan modification professional from medicare medics can help you make an informed decision on your mortgage refinancing. You can reach them on their website at http://medicaremedics.com/ for further guide and consulting needs.