Who Can I Talk to at the Bank About My Foreclosure?

zdhjIf you are unable to pay the mortgage each month, your lender or bank will take a solid action in order to take possession of your house.

To be precise, the home is not yours unless you haven’t paid the complete mortgage amount. Until that time, you are not the owner of the house but the bank is. So, if you are unable to pay the amount each month, you will soon see the bank authority knocking your door. The process is called foreclosure and it will make you lose your home.

How it goes:

Financial instability can come at any time in anyone’s life. You can become ill, lose your job or may have fallen behind on making mortgage payments because of other reasons. Unfortunately, your lender or bank will not consider these as valid reasons. Once you are late, they will come no matter what and will carry out the foreclosure process.

Stopping Foreclosure:

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