Why Should I Apply for a Loan Modification?

ragA loan modification is a preferred option over foreclosure or short sales or refinances when a homeowner has difficulties in meeting their mortgage commitments. The following points sum up the reasons why you, as a homeowner, must go for a loan modification.

Hardship situations

During your financial hardships, you can consider going for a loan modification. The hardship could be something in your life that happened unexpectedly, thus increasing the  difficulties to pay your mortgage settlements. This could also include a job loss, disability,   medical conditions, or the death of your immediate family member.

Negative Equity

In case of a situation where your liability to the mortgage lender is more than your house value, it’s known as negative equity. In this case, a loan modification is the best option. A traditional refinance of debt is not feasible if you have the negative equity.

Sub-prime rate Loan

In case of a loan gone bad, the lenders can refinance it.  The sub-prime loans help the loan modification to fall in place. Poor loans have greater chances of getting defaults and a loan modification allows the lenders to work with you with an option that is better for you as well as for them.

Near foreclosing situation

Most lenders prefer to work on the loan modification options available if you have not yet foreclosed the loan. Though you may be close to the foreclosure, you can give rationale on how a loan modification will diminish the potential of a foreclosure. If the lenders are convinced that the hardship is only temporary, giving a modified temporary interest rate reduction will enable you to make the payments while working on reviving from the difficulty.

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